The best places for a federal employee to retire

Most pre-retirement planning meetings we have with Federal Employees primarily focus on deciding at what age to retire or what the approximate expected income will be. These are critical questions to discuss prior to approaching your retirement. Yet, there is another question that should be part of the planning process: Where to retire? There are … Read more

Where Should You Put Your TSP Money After You Retire?

The answer to this question boils down to two more questions: 1. How much access do you want to your money in retirement? 2. How many investment options would you like to have access to? In part one we are going to discuss the first question. The Thrift Savings Plan is a very good accumulation … Read more

The Most Important Thing I Learned in 30 Years Of Investing

Rule Number 1 for investing your TSP money is to not lose money. Rule Number 2 is to maximize gains. Rule Number 3 is to never forget Rule Number 1 & Rule Number 2! My 30+ year career in the financial services industry has been split down the middle between bull market and bear market. … Read more