The best places for a federal employee to retire

Most pre-retirement planning meetings we have with Federal Employees primarily focus on deciding at what age to retire or what the approximate expected income will be. These are critical questions to discuss prior to approaching your retirement. Yet, there is another question that should be part of the planning process: Where to retire? There are … Read more

The ABCs of Planning For Your Retirement

For most federal employees, retirement is a very long vacation where their TSP, Social Security, Pension and other “invested assets”, have to last for many years. Running short of money is hard to recover from since rarely are there do-overs in retirement. As federal employees try to prepare themselves for their eventual retirement, it’s easy … Read more

A “Unique Quiz” Designed For Federal Employees

Today we’re going to take a break from learning about various investment strategies, maximizing social security or where to retire. I gave this quiz to the Blog staff, and one of them answered 18 of the 20 correctly. Let’s see how many you can answer correctly. There is a link to the answers at the … Read more