Aloha Todd,

I just want to sincerely thank you and Paul for all the help you provided myself and Aarian, my amazing analytical son, to guide us through the critically important process of securing the Index Annuity that we are confident will serve me best in my retirement. You personably and effectively responded to all our ongoing questions over a period of about three months with sincere patience and a genuine concern for my welfare. When I started working with you, I let you know that I had already been working with another Advisor for some time, but you and Paul didn’t let that deter you from continuing to answer my calls for additional information. And about a month later, after that other Advisor got very impatient with my questions and inability to make a final decision, I stopped talking to her. The contrast in providers was clear from the start, you and Paul were far more clear, knowledgeable and genuinely helpful than the other five or so Advisors I worked with. You guys are indeed a cut way above in this highly competitive field where I learned over the last year that you just can’t trust so many.

And so, in conclusion, thank you Paul for staying in touch with me, and thank you Todd for your amazing wealth of knowledge, personal character and sincere ability to help others.  Please consider me a personal reference.

Sincerely, Richard M

​.​Ph.D., CRC, LMH

​​Veterans Administration

Todd and Paul

Thanks so much Todd for the information. It is the best annuity/financial information I have read and can UNDERSTAND. It is relevant to me and my situation where I am,  I see myself reflected in the pages of this info. I needed this…..Oh the homework is great!  Yeah!!!!!!

You have no idea what a relief this is to me. I was raised in a single family household we didn’t have much money and dealing with money is just something I don’t really know much about.  I feel like I can do about anything ..but money matters I needed help and I know that.  Getting in on those Pre-Retirement Strategy  webinars  may have saved my…bacon…..lol….And to think I registered for the webinars without knowing how badly  I needed some of the info…..Great!

I find that making money may have been the easy part…but…securing my retirement is a dream….making my retirement work best for me….continuing to grow my money…well that’s just Priceless. I did not know I had these options…….

Again THANKS……

Sheryl M. from Virginia


Good Morning Todd:

Wow, I have finally read all your material and I must say, this was very good information and the contents of the Blog are an easy read for someone like me who has trouble understanding how retirement and investments work. My husband and I were very impressed with all the information your company provides. I also want to say how easy you were to speak with in our phone meeting. I was truly hoping not to get some “hot shot, fast talking” guy who is just interested in what we have to invest. My husband and I made this mistake before and lost a lot of money. We won’t make that mistake again.  I am particularly interested in the Indexed Annuities.  We will definitely keep your name and number handy and share your information with others. Keep sharing your conference sessions with us Federal employees as I know many others would be interested once they plug in like I did.  Thanks again!

Eva G.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency

I would like to share with you my experience with Paul Kutzin and Todd Ensing. I have been on the Federal Employee Advocates and the Federal Employee Financial Blog distribution email lists for many years. I came very close to “opting out” but told myself “not to because one day I might have to reach out to these people”. My gut and intuition paid off. I asked for help and guidance with my TSP and FERS. Todd JUMPED in right away by emailing me the information needed to get the process started. All I can say; they have gone the extra miles to ensure I understand the position I am in. They have never been pushy nor rushing me to take action; they have been very patient with me!!! After doing the homework they suggested, I finally listened and took action. I have accomplished; with Paul’s and Todd’s help, by taking advantage of the “onetime withdraw” from my TSP. Next; move forward on applying for the deferred indexed annuity. Todd and Paul; please continue the great job you both display in helping those with their TSP and retirement options. Am very sure there are many, many federal government employees needing assistance with understanding TSP; FERS; and CSRS. Will definitely tell people I worked with about you!!!!

Norma C.
Richmond, Virginia  

Mr. Todd Ensing

Thank you for your patience and help as you guided me through the adventure of planning for my financial future into retirement. While this process was lengthy and sometimes overwhelming with all the various financial options, it was definitely an educational one.

Like many people inquiring about making changes regarding large sums of money there are always concerns about legitimacy of the product and the representative. Can you be too trusting? Todd, through a lot of hard work on educating me, independent research of my own, the presentation of various materials, and answering my many questions you won my respect and gained my trust. One of the things that impressed me early on in this journey was you asked, “What do you want to achieve?” This set the direction of all the events that followed. You provided viable options, but it was ultimately my decision, and there was no pressure.

I feel confident in my purchase decisions, and a great sense of relief knowing my TSP investment is protected from the stock market fickleness! I look forward to working with you in the years ahead, and anxious to see how the first year turns out.

Give my best to your assistant, Paul, who started the ball rolling along this path.

Be well, regards,

Linda C.

Thank you Paul so much for the information you provided during our conversation last week, it was really very helpful and understandable. You were so professional and nonjudgmental regarding my choices I made or didn’t make selecting certain benefits that would have increased my retirement when I came back to DCAA. All of this is so confusing to me and I wanted to make it simpler for me to comprehend and I honestly don’t like to gamble with my money. I really appreciate the Retirement Benefit Analysis you provided. I shall share that with my husband when he returns from Florida next week. I can’t thank you enough for your help. Have a great day.

Thank you again,


My retirement dealings with Todd Ensing and Paul Kutzin have been fantastic. He takes time to explain what I should do to benefit myself, explains what options are available to make my retirement funds grow, and what outcomes I will see. Any questions that I have are always answered in a polite and professional manner. I highly recommend that if you are considering retirement to contact Todd Ensing for straight talk about your future.

Janice C.
Department of Defense

From: Joan at the Veteran’s Administration

Re: TSP transfer to IRA

I just want to share that at first I was apprehensive about using an out of state advisory firm to help with transferring a portion of my TSP to an indexed annuity. But now that the transfer is complete, I want to share that Todd and Paul were professional, knowledgeable, and patient throughout the entire process. I have since recommended them to friends and colleagues.

To Federal Employee Blog:

I am a federal employee, and have been in full time employment with the US Environmental Protection Agency for over 28 years. When I was initially employed, I signed up for the FEGLI family plan, since I had two small children. As our kids have grown and moved out, I decided to look for alternative life insurance which only covered my wife and myself. I sent an email request to Todd and Paul for a visit with a specialist who knew federal life insurance plans, and the options available for a person in my situation. It turns out that Paul is a specialist in this field. The fact that I live in Texas and they are in California was not an issue in securing a very good rate for life insurance. Monthly costs for my FEGLI coverage was over $350 per month. Paul was able to find a reduced coverage appropriate for my wife and me, at a low risk rate of only about $86 per month by purchasing a level premium term plan. We are very happy with our savings!! Paul was very patient with explaining my benefits options, and his facilitation in switching from FEGLI made the process very clear to understand, smooth, and a simple. I highly recommend their services. We found them to be very knowledgeable in the insurance industry. We are happy with our coverage.

Mike B.
Environmental Scientist US EPA

Upon retiring from federal service, I really had no idea how to best invest my life’s savings in my TSP account. The concerns of making a ruinous mistake were very real for me, as I felt that I only had one chance at this major decision in life, and I literally could not afford to get it wrong! But, I’ve been extremely fortunate that I found Todd and Paul. In fact, their entire staff has been immensely helpful–and patient–in answering all my many questions re. the complexities of retirement investing. They have unfailingly demonstrated the highest levels of professional expertise and genuine concern for my financial–and psychological–health. I am now completely satisfied with the choice of investment vehicles which we have JOINTLY made, and I feel fully comfortable in recommending Todd’s and Paul’s services to anyone who finds themselves in the same position I was in, a few months ago. They made a procedure which I dreaded for months a genuine pleasure, one which I will, I am completely confident, be reaping the rewards from for the rest of my life!

Weldon B
South Carolina