Recommended Subject Line: Reduce your FEGLI Costs By 70% With Free Living Benefits Included

Copy and paste the text below.

Dear (Fed First Name)

I noticed that you registered for the Federal Employee Advocates (Webinar Date) TSP Fund Allocation Strategy Webinar, and if you had the opportunity to attend you heard Vince Bono the Founder of our company, mention the different ways federal employees could significantly increase their TSP Account Value over time.

One way to achieve this is by saving significant amounts of money replacing your FEGLI coverage with a private insurance company where the savings could be up to 70% and if you so choose, apply those savings towards your TSP Account, which in turn could result in Matching Funds. Another value added benefit would be the inclusion of “Living Benefits” which actually pays you a Lump Sum based on various heath triggers such as Heart Attack, Cancer, Stroke and quite a few more”

If you would like to learn more about this strategy, absolutely free of charge, please visit and if you have interest in a free savings quote, email me a good day next week where you can spare 10 minutes of your “phone-time”, so we can walk you through our online six question FEGLI Savings Calculator. This will be 10 minutes well spent!


John Q Agent