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What Our Clients Are Saying


Rena G.
Shiprock, NM

I already had another annuity but wanted further protection for additional funds. The plan that Ellie shared with me looked great and far superior over what the TSP could offer. The rollover process was not difficult and was handled quickly and efficiently plus there is good support if I have questions in the future.


Michael L.
St Louis, MO

I just completed my second retirement plan with Ellie. She assisted step by step in a very courteous way and the process was seamless. I would recommend her assistance for your best funded retirement.


Ethan W.
Chattanooga, TN

I am preparing for retirement in 3-7 years and wanted to protect my retirement nest egg from market turmoil that is probably coming in 2023. Elle answered all my questions and with her help I rolled over my nest egg in a protection plan. I’d recommend her services. It’s always good to know your options.

Overall, after (several minor administrative glitches / misunderstanding, and clarity with TSP personnel) the objectives and goal were achieved, which had nothing to do with Ms. Ellie. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Ellie for an award/promotion. Ellie was/is second to none when it comes to her performance; just, a “class-act”! Ellie took the time, patience, and professionalism to clearly and concisely cover all details referencing this transaction. I will/would recommend Ellie to current/future employees for this type of transaction and other services associated with federal employee’s retirement advocate, Inc. planning. Many thanks to the Federal Employee Advocates, Inc. team and more importantly, thanks to Ellie for her tireless efforts, courtesy, attention to detail, and her competence.


Reggie R.
Omaha, NE

The rollover process was very new to me, but I knew I needed to change my current plan because I did not want to lose any more money in TSP. Working with Ellie has really been great. She is knowledgeable and extremely helpful and patient. Like many federal employees, I had challenges with my account after the revamping of the website which slowed the process down but now, I have protection and it’s a much better plan than I had with TSP. I would recommend Ellie’s assistance for a better funded retirement plan, guaranteed with no losses. It’s best to avoid those market losses, which can really impact one’s retirement.


Larry S.
Topeka, KS

Ellie was very nice and helpful. She helped me transfer funds. I could not have done it without her. Thank you very much.


Lizzy T.
Glenview, IL

Working with Ellie from the Federal Employee Advocates, Inc. was a great Experience. The whole transfer process was very nice with no problems. It was very helpful to have my son on the calls with me. I was able to understand the steps and Ellie was great at explaining my options to me. Now my retirement savings is not at risk, which I feel great about.


Albert C.
Ward, AR

Working with Ellie from the Federal Employee Advocates, Inc. was a great experience. She took her time to explain the process to where I could understand. Never rushing me. I’m glad I transferred out of my TSP. I would highly recommend Ellie when planning for your retirement.


Nancy H.
Dallas, TX

I appreciate Ellie with Federal Employee Advocates, Inc. for her persistence to get me to take a look at my previous retirement investments. She very professionally showed how my current investment was not setting my nest egg for anything valuable. She was able to provide information on other options which will indeed provide a good return on my investment which is what I need this close to my retirement date. Thank you for helping me help myself. I will in fact recommend Federal Employee Advocates, Inc to my friends and fellow federal employees.