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Fully understanding your TSP options is the very first step towards having a safe, secure, prosperous and long-lasting federal retirement. Most federal employees are unaware of the fact the TSP C Fund, S Fund and I Funds are not managed  to maximize gains or minimize losses; they simply mimic the performance of a stock market index, without any hedging or “stop loss” protection for the federal employee.

Worse yet, those TSP Funds are subject to an unlimited “Claw-Back” of all prior gains. That is why in 2008, the C Fund lost 36.99% of its value, the S Fund 38.32% and the I Fund 42.43%. If you are within 10 years of retirement, you should ask yourself if it is really worth taking that risk.

As a federal employee, your retirement benefits have a totally different infrastructure than that of a non-federal employee, and irreversible mistakes can and do occur when an Advisor who is not a federal retirement specialist “learns on the job” at your expense.

We specialize in helping federal employees (and only federal employees) plan for a safe, secure, and long-lasting federal retirement. Vince Bono, the Founder of Federal Employee Advocates, has been helping federal employees strengthen their finances since 1970. Prior to Federal Employee Advocates, Russell Hackmann served as Global Head of Variable Annuity Reinsurance at Swiss Re, and held various executive positions in the derivatives businesses of Lehman Brothers, Bank of America, and UBS.  Russell earned a bachelors degree magna cum laude from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, an MBA with High Honors from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

We created this web page and our Federal Retirement Online Calculator so that federal employees can better protect themselves, by learning about a risk free, IRS Approved Tax Qualified alternative to their TSP Funds.

“Enhanced Fixed Indexed Annuities”

Similar to your TSP C, S, I & L Funds, the performance of a Fixed Indexed Annuity can be tied to a stock market index, like the S&P 500. However, unlike those TSP Funds, there are “Enhanced Fixed Indexed Annuities” that offer a variety of nuanced Managed Indexes that have exceptional upside potential in a “Strong” Stock Market, & are structured to earn money in a “Flat” to “Down” Stock Market.  However, the best feature of these “Enhanced Fixed Indexed Annuities” is that you can never lose money due to adverse Stock Market Conditions and that includes any Claw-Back of Prior Gains.

2017 was an exceptional year for “Enhanced Fixed Indexed Annuities” (see below), and our favorites have averaged between 7.75% to 9.65% per year during these past 10 years, and that includes the 2008 “meltdown” when the S&P 500 lost 40%.

2017 Report Card

The S&P 500 Index: 21.83%

Managed Indexes Attached to “Enhanced Fixed Indexed Annuities”.

Janus SG MC: 35.44% (Click Here For Brochure)

Barclays Shiller: 29.38% (Click Here For Brochure)

S&P RC 2.0: 23.38%

S&P 500 Low-Vol Index: 22.39%

Managed Indexes That Perform Well in Moderate To Down Market Years

JP Morgan Mozaic 2: (Click Here For Brochure)

Merrill Lynch RPM: (Click Here For Brochure)

If you have an interest in learning more about “Enhanced Fixed Indexed Annuities”, we will be glad to spend as much time with you as you need, without any cost or obligation on your part. Best yet, all of this help can all be accomplished by phone, email & the internet.