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Dear Federal Employee:

Fully understanding your TSP options is the first step towards having a safe, secure and long-lasting retirement. In 2008, many of your fellow federal employees had planned on retiring soon, but could not because of untimely losses, and are still working today because they didn’t do their “Pre-Retirement Homework” until it was too late.

We have created a two-part “Homework Assignment” for federal employees covering some of the risk-free TSP Options and Alternatives available and hope you take the time to read both over carefully so that we can answer any questions you might have and help you better plan for your federal retirement.

Click Here for Homework Assignment-Part I

This Section includes a historical performance comparison between a generic indexed annuity and the actual S&P 500 stock market along with a few articles written by some of our colleagues who are respected in the financial services industry. Armed with the basics, you will want to explore​ the specific pros and cons of making a tax free transfer of a portion of your TSP into one of these plans. I have posted all the details on what clearly looks to be the best plan available on this page:

Click Here for Homework Assignment-Part II

Here you will learn that an indexed annuity is not only a great savings plan but also can be used to provide a growing monthly lifetime income after retirement.  You will find links to ​several brochure​s,​ the​ first one describes an indexed annuity called “Elevate”. Further along, are brochures for the allocation options ​one is managed by Bank America Merrill Lynch​ and is broadly diversified, even holding real estate and gold. Another is managed by Barclays and is named after Yale Economics Professor Robert​ Shiller who won a Nobel Prize for the investment criteria used. These indices sound pretty exciting, so ​try not to lose sight of the fact that you cannot lose money if the stock market declines​

Click Here to see feedback from your fellow federal employees

Please feel free to contact us any time and let us help you better plan for your retirement.