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Next Webinar:

Thursday June 9th
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern
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Please  be sure to set a reminder on your calendar for this Webinar and print out the PowerPoint below so you can take notes.

Future Webinar Dates

  • Thursday June 30th

  • Thursday July 21st

  • Thursday August 11th

  • Thursday September 1st

  • Thursday September 22nd

Webinar Topics

  • TSP Fund Allocation Strategies.
  • Proposed changes to your federal retirement benefits.
  • The best time for you as a federal employee to retire.
  • Ways to protect your TSP from stock market losses outside of the G Fund.
  • Taxation of your federal pension, Social Security and TSP withdrawal proceeds.
  • Ways to help you maximize your Social Security and Federal Pension Incomes.
  • FERS & CSRS pension eligibility.
  • The 20 States that do not tax federal pensions or Social Security.
  • Federal Retirement FR 80 Rule
  • FERS Supplemental Annuity