Will you have enough money to retire-“The Yellow Pad Analysis”

Much has been written about Federal Employee’s retirement assets such as their TSP and pension. Indeed, these are important topics to discuss with your retirement planning advisor who should work closely with you to help you make informed and prudent decisions. Note, this should not be a one-time event. Planning for your “longevity vacation” begins … Read more

Wrong timing of your TSP contributions can mean Forfeiture of matching contributions!

This is just one of the 20 biggest mistakes federal employees make with their TSP, but it’s a big one!. If you mistime your TSP contributions, you may not get your full 5% matching contribution – even if you are maxing out your contributions. For 2015, the maximum contribution you can make to your TSP … Read more

8 potential risks that might affect your secure retirement-What you should know!

As a Federal Employee, your retirement planning should not be mysterious, uncertain or provoke anxiety. A candid assessment of your potential retirement risks should expose where and how you might be vulnerable and reveal whether your retirement plan is sound and will be successful. Each hidden risk must be carefully analyzed and weighed, as possible … Read more