Very Dangerous TSP Advice

“If I’m planning to start drawing from TSP in 2022 (I will be 58 years old and am in FERS), do you recommend I be in the L2020 fund now…based on I’m currently 50 years old and planning to start drawing at age 58?” Answer: “Given that you are 50 years old and plan to … Read more

Another huge mistake Federal Employees make with their TSP

The TSP introduced the Roth TSP in 2012. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of confusion about what the Roth TSP is and why it is a great option for many federal employees. The Roth TSP is not a new investment option. It is an alternative tax handling of your TSP contributions. When you contribute … Read more

How to better manage your TSP-Part II

Your TSP is a vital leg of your retirement income plan. Combined with your CSRS or FERS annuity and Social Security (for FERS employees), your TSP plays a vital role in meeting your retirement income needs. Notice, though, that the TSP is the only one of these components of your federal retirement that requires any … Read more