In 1974 Vince Bono, the founder of Federal Employee Advocates, began his journey of helping federal employees better plan for their retirement. Fast forward to today, where we get over 300,000 federal employees every year to opt-in to attend our Federal Employee Pre-Retirement Strategy Webinars. These federal employees are the cornerstone of our Annuity Appoint Setter Lead Program.

If you become part of this Program, every week you will receive 25 appointments with federal employees who have asked to be contacted, and want to learn more about building a “Bullet-Proof” federal retirement. Commissions are split on a 50%-50% BGA basis, as there are no “out of pocket” costs to you whatsoever.

Additionally, you will receive a landing page similar to this one, which is where your appointment setter will direct federal employees to meet you for the first appointment. All sales made under this program are made remotely, and we have been doing it this way for 23 years.

The calculator on your landing page will show the federal employee an income deficit at retirement of anywhere from 15% to 30% and also compares a Fixed Indexed Annuity to their TSP, which is the federal employee version of a 401K. Naturally, the FIA outperforms their TSP in every single instance.

If you are interested in learning more about this truly unique program, please Click Here and complete our Program Participation Request Form.