Webinar Schedule

  • Thursday August 10th
  • Thursday August 24th
  • Thursday September 14th
  • Thursday September 28th
Time: 3:00 PM Eastern Time
2:00 PM Central Time
1:00 PM Mountain Time
Noon PM Pacific Time

Please email us for the call in number and password: info@federalemployeeadvocates.com

The PowerPoint we will be using can be downloaded below. Please be sure to have it in front of you during the call so you can better understand your federal employee retirement options. If for any reason you are unable to open the PowerPoint where you are, please access this webpage from a place where you are able to access it.


We look forward to your attendance and please be sure to invite your fellow federal employees and spouse to call in.

The topics to be covered will be:

  • The best time for a federal employee to retire.
  • Recent Changes to your federal retirement benefits.
  • Complex federal employee retirement formulas made easy.
  • The amount of money Federal Employees’ need to retire comfortably
  • The most favorable “tax states” for a retired federal employee.
  • Social Security nuances and federal employee retirement.
  • The Best Way to Avoid Losses in Your TSP.
  • Accessing Your TSP Money Before Age 59 ½.
  • How to Retire With Only 10 Years of Federal Service.
  • Safe Alternatives To Your TSP C Fund, S Fund, I Fund and L Funds.
  • Little Known Facts About FEGLI That Will Save You Money.

There will be a Q&A Session during the Webinar where you can email your questions to us and we will read and answer them “on air”  Naturally, your identity will not be mentioned.


The Federal Employee Advocates Team